Presentations and Public Speaking: A Casual Primer to Not Being Awful in Front of a Crowd

Quick, practical, only moderately-judgmental advice to get you better in front of an audience NOW!

According to some statistic that somebody who we're sure knew what they were talking about told us once, the fear of public speaking is the number one thing people are afraid of – even more so than the possibility of trying to sleep on a redeye flight while sitting next to somebody eating food wrapped solely in cellophane, or the thought of dying alone with no friends or family and the unshakeable feeling that you’ve wasted your life on an insignificant career and the pursuit of meaningless objects (although, to be fair, that last one’s probably still up there somewhere on the list).

However, the reality of having to get up in front of an audience of some type is very real in many situations and occupations – including many where that isn’t part of the typical job description. If you've ever been in an audience or class watching uncomfortably as an otherwise normal person apparently loses all semblance of what it’s like to be a human being with the capacity to communicate a message in an effective way to another human being, and you want to make sure that that never becomes you, this book provides concrete, hard-hitting ideas that should improve anybody’s ability to get up in front of a group and deliver a presentation with a higher level of skill and comfort.

Even if you already have to present or teach in some capacity, this book contains examples, tips, and criticisms to help uncover distracting mannerisms you may ALREADY be doing which are deterring from your ability to communicate most effectively!